My childhood was quite simple; sports, outdoors, adventure and sports. This is what led me to fitness and inspired me to start my business a decade ago. Where time has led me, is to not only continue to figure out how to maintain that spirit and even rediscover it fully, but also how to kindle and nourish that playful, active kid that is innate in all of us.

I spent 3 years at college and passionately enjoy learning on the daily. I have studied many certifying courses and workshops such as Canadian Fitness Professionals, Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology, The Foot Collective, Functional Patterns as well as Holistic and Plant-based nutrition. Studying the human body has probably surpassed using the body for me, although I will always challenge this.

It has become quite clear to me, now that I have entered my 'wiser' years, that my mission has become about how I can best serve people. And this means serving myself first. I do this in a very simple, yet intentional and holistic manner. Cultivate mental health, balanced nourishment of my body, and maintain a strong, functional body, with emphasis on preventative and foundational measures.

It's more than "practice what I preach". I want to truly understand where a client may be at, beyond physical performance. I want to connect them with lesser emphasized factors like mental health and male vs female physiology. I want them to discover how to fully embrace habits, nourishment and movement, that will truly create the healthy lifestyle they are seeking.