*Recommended 4 weeks to complete - you may take less or more time to complete it, depending on your bodys needs.

This program will get your body moving better and help eliminate pain and general feeling of "stuckness",  or it can prepare it for much more intense, constructive movement, depending on what you're after! Whether you're an active person or have been at a computer for 30 years, this program will improve the quality of your movement.

This is an intense program, designed to combat some of the "bad patterns" the casual office job and other repetitive movements have caused our physiology.  As we age, these patterns are creating imbalances in our "settings" and are causing us, not only debilitating pain, but also unwanted limitations to our movement. These limitations in our bodys movement may also be contributing to elevated stress levels, a poor self image and even digestive deficiencies.

There are three basic elements/ principles: fix, restore, develop. We will start by fixing the patterns and habits that have caused and are perpetuating poor movement; restore better, basic movement, and begin to progress this better movement into more complex, strength building movement.

The reward for this program is quality, more pain free movement and the opportunity to discover your true movement potential!

COST: $99

Tools Needed: medecine ball, lacrosse ball, balance beam, 8-10 lb dumbbell, foam roller, yoga block