This is a 4 or 10 week program, with the option at the end of each to continue. You will have weekly sessions with Lee via Zoom and be guided through your Fix + Fit journey.

Too many of us today are forced to cope with long, unnatural bouts of sitting or to contend with inhumane repetitive patterns that have wreaked havoc on our physiology!!

What most of us don't know, is that this has led to that "chronic back pain" or your "bad back". This has led to those "sore hips, knees or feet". THIS, has even led to those chronic headaches!

What we also may not know is that this very much has contributed to psychological stress, which is turn has compounded the issue and manifested itself in many ways, including poor digestion, a poor self image or self esteem, or even just an overall poor "feeling of wellness".

Why have we settled for this reduced quality of life? Why do we accept that Father Time has to bare the burden of pain and disfunction on our bodies? Shouldn't we place higher value on our body's ability to move and play more and stress less?

During this journey, working with a Trainer, you will start the process of taking your body back and restoring your movement! You will be assigned your work each week and be expected to complete it thoroughly, in order to be ready for your next task.

In just weeks, you will rediscover some of our most basic movements and how good it can feel to be "stronger on your feet", with less or no pain. You will also rediscover how much the human body really does enjoy to play. 

Let's get your body thriving. Not just surviving.


4 WEEKS: $249    

10 WEEKS:  $549

Tools Needed: medecine ball, lacrosse ball, balance beam, 8-10 lb dumbbell, foam roller, yoga block