With Lee: online via Zoom or in person @ Village Fitness

CONTACT: Email:       Phone: (519)617-1307

Programs begin at $50/ session

  • Workouts will be tailored to meet your specific goals in your given timeline
  • Programs begin with restoring efficient, pain-free movement and building a strong foundation, in order to maximize your return
  • Programming geared towards/ offered:  functionality, structural reintegration, strength, conditioning, general wellness or sport specific
  • Ongoing counselling is part of every program to the level you desire

  • We will discuss your pillars of health (sleep, nutrition, stress etc.) and collaborate on an approach to bring them into balance and help your body thrive!

 CONTACT: Email:       Phone: (519)617-1307


 **minimum of a 2 month commitment**.

**Lee's training style is a combination of basic, fundamental strength training, with more complex, integrative movement. This hybrid approach is designed first, to restore adequate, pain-free movements, then to promote a higher, more effective capacity for work, while incorporating the fun, conventional resistance training exercises.

Training includes: Kettlebells, dumbbells, plyometrics, High Intensity Interval Training, TRX suspension trainer, Cable pulley system, calisthenics, MFR & more...

 CONTACT: Email:      Phone: (519)617-1307