"I am an almost 50 year old with severe cartilage damage/loss in both knees, meniscus damage, permanent limp, lower back issues, way overweight and hadn't trained much in over 20 years prior to meeting with Lee. In just over 4 months of training my knee pain and limping has reduced by over 80%,virtually no back issues, very noticeable weight loss and even some muscle gains. Lee's understanding of how the body and muscle groups work is clearly evident as is his desire to continue learning and he applies that to each individuals requirements. I'm looking forward to the next 6 months based on my results to date and highly recommend Lee to anyone regardless of their level of fitness or body aches and pains"
--Rob K

"I found village fitness through google reviews and decided to give this approach a chance. For years working as plumber I have had to deal with nagging sports and over exertion injuries. I would try traditional approaches but nothing seemed to be long lasting. I’ve had problems with my feet and was prescribed orthotics to help with my issues. I saw this traditional approach as a “bandaid”. When I first started seeing Lee snider I was a little skeptical but I stuck with it and only  in a matter of weeks I noticed a huge change. My sore feet , back and knees had faded away to eventually be pain free. The daily aches and pains are now gone and I can perform better at work without the worry of injury. I have nothing but good things to say about village fitness and Lee snider. I was truly blown away about how fast results came and how long lasting this approach has been versus traditional western medicine practices. Thank you Lee and village fitness for everything"

--Jon P


"Lee helped me change my life with the LIVE REAL PLAN! He changed the way I looked at food and taught be how to treat my body. The initial month with Lee was the hardest, but once I was through it I was able to understand how the plan is a lifestyle and not a quick fix"

​--Shannon M


"When workouts are tiring, life gets stressful, and you simply "don't feel like it", Lee is there to turn your day around and straighten you out! I had a goal, and with our workouts, I DID IT! We ran a 50km race in Ireland. Thanks Lee, it was a very proud moment"

--Cyndi G.