LiveReal LifeStyle Plan

This program is a comprehensive lifestyle shift, entered around a whole-food diet. It's intended to create new relationships with food, by implementing new habits and routines, creating new perceptions of food and food production, and by introducing new foods and flavours into your cooking. This new relationship with food will be reinforced through a better understanding of the basics of nutrition, with 'easy to digest' informative content, as well as a better understanding of how to listen and respond to your body's cues.

This program was created on the basis of well-reviewed nutritional studies, as well as the endorsement of many highly reputable physicians and physician committees. It is not intended to be a temporary measure or a quick fix. Instead, it is intended to be a practical, more sustainable approach to eating, and one that is proven to give you more energy, better overall health and lessen your likeliness of disease.

In contrast to most diets, this plan is not measured by weight loss or calorie restriction, but rather around FAT loss, better digestion, improved blood flow, appetite regulation, as well as lowered all around markers of inflammation.